Exciting updates from Windows Catering in 2023

As a leading catering and event partner in Washington, DC, Windows Catering has been creating exceptional experiences for over three decades. We’re proud of our legacy. At the same time, we know that leading brands must continually evolve and change to remain outstanding in their markets.

We are excited to introduce a new website and brand identity that reflects the story we’ve created and the company we’ve become today. We’ve updated the look of our brand and refreshed it across our digital platforms, signage, fleet vehicles, and packaging. 

We undertook a complete website redesign for Windows Catering at Catering.com to incorporate the new visual identity and messaging across all pages. And we’ve enhanced the overall user experience with clear calls to action, distinct user flows across sections and subpages, and a more intuitive navigation.

And today and tomorrow, our promise remains the same: Savor the delight. 

What We Heard

In our process of rebranding, we listened to our team, our customers, and our longstanding partners. Here are a few things they said about Windows Catering. The Windows Catering team merges dynamic flavors and creative presentation to satisfy the palate, indulge the senses, and make a lasting impression. 

Our customers said we bring an imaginative touch to every moment with fine cuisine for special events, custom creations, and delectable corporate meals, all served with attention to every detail and the highest level of service.

Our partners emphasized Windows Catering lets them enjoy peace of mind as we work as a trusted extension of their team, meet their needs and bring their vision to life, from boardrooms to ballrooms, embassies, and banquet halls. 

We’re Rebranding Corporate Catering

The past few years have changed the way people live and work. Teams are just as likely to be working from home as they are to be at the office. At the same time, corporate catering provides a model for ready-to-eat meals for anyone.

Windows Catering is introducing a new catering brand, Daily Garnish. Daily Garnish offers customers the ability to order freshly prepared meals online. Those meals will be delivered directly to your door. Menus will feature a variety of dishes inspired by different cuisines as well as options to cater to specific dietary needs such as vegan and gluten free options.

“The industry is heading towards more convenience and as a result of that, the off-premise catering industry needs to adapt,” Henry Dinardo, founder of Windows Catering, shares. “Online ordering has become something that you can’t ignore any longer. Nowadays, you need to offer ready to eat options.”

Daily Garnish reflects all the values Windows Catering customers love: an attention to detail, whole ingredients, creative cuisine, and sustainability.

What Else is New?

Continuing Emphasis on Customizations

“We’re focusing on offering personalized and customized options for customers, menus tailored to their specific tastes and preferences,” Henry says.

Elevating Sustainability

“We want to be environmentally responsible and sustainable with our business,” Henry emphasizes. “We’re a Green Caterer and we want to play a much more active role in that. I think that’s something the consumer is quite aware of now, more than ever in my lifetime.”

Leaning into Plant-Based Options

“We’re currently developing exciting plant-based options because we think that’s somewhere where everything’s going,” Henry reveals.

Some Things Haven’t Changed

At Windows Catering, we remain family-owned, and are proud of the tenure of our team members.

“The fact that we are one of the few caterers in Washington, DC that are still a family-owned catering business – and that we are hands-on – sets us apart,” says Henry, adding that Windows Catering’s experience and longevity is unparalleled. 

“I have employees that go back with me to 1984. The experience that’s been gathered over all those years, you can’t replicate.”

Learn more about our story and what sets us apart as a premier DC caterer.

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