Wedding decor

We already talked about this year’s top trends for food and entertaining, but what if you’re planning a wedding in 2020? From big, lavish affairs all the way down to small, intimate gatherings, these trends will be incorporated into weddings of all sizes this year.

  Cross-cultural cuisine. Popular fusion trends like Peruvian and Japanese or Spanish and Korean are everywhere these days, but a wedding calls for something a little more special and personalized. A common way to achieve this is by taking elements from the heritage and traditions of the prospective spouses and mixing them together, creating a combination of dishes and flavors unique to the couple.

  Something for everyone. It used to be that special dietary needs were a niche issue that might only affect one or two guests, but these days a large number of people have specific requirements. It’s not as impractical as it sounds to accommodate a wide range of diets, and with a little bit of resourcefulness you can come up with a variety of dishes that anticipate all your guests’ dietary needs, and make sure no one leaves hungry.

  Sustainable food. A wedding involves a lot of food and drink consumption, so it makes sense to try to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible. For many this will mean choosing more plant-based, vegetarian, and even vegan options, with close attention to where ingredients are sourced. A focus on environmentally-friendly farming and sustainable seafoods will continue throughout the year.

  CBD drinks and food. CBD oil is in demand right now as a supplement, and it can also make a great addition to your wedding menu. Dry cocktails, salads, and healthy hors d’oeuvres are all perfect foundations for using high-quality CBD oil as an additive or dressing.

  Self-serve or chef-attended stations. One way to impress guests and satisfy various dietary needs is to give guests the option to create dishes according to their own personal preferences, without having to wait to be served. It’s interactive, a great conversation starter, and gives your guests a unique experience. Try incorporating something savory or sweet – or one of each. Self-serve drink stations are always a big hit during the reception, when people come off the dance floor after working up a thirst.

  Edible flowers. Lavender, pansies, roses, marigolds – these are just a few of the beautiful, edible blossoms you can incorporate into your wedding menu. Freeze them in ice cubes, use them as a garnish on a first course or entrée, or even include them as part of a salad for a touch of color and elegance.

  Instagrammable décor. You already know that your wedding reception is going to end up on dozens if not hundreds of Instagram accounts, so you may as well lean into it and make the décor as visually compelling as possible. One of the most popular ways to do that right now is to emphasize bold colors into floral or other décor elements  – greens, blues, yellows, and jewel tones. Even if you have a different palette preference, though, the key is to focus in on creating gorgeous, unusual details, with tasteful embellishments wherever possible.

Although planning a wedding is a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun. Deciding on food and decor is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process, and with so many great options to choose from, you can add an abundance of individual touches and really let your personalities shine through on your special day.